Infrastructure Week

Abandoned Island

THE IMAGE: A small, overbuilt, abandoned island with crumbling concrete buildings that looks like it was the scene of an accidental release of a top-secret, genetically modified virus that transformed its residents into maniacal flesh-eating zombies who gruesomely consumed each other in a horrific orgy of cannibalistic gore, but which actually is not that.

THE BAIT: A secret so dark and diabolical that it remained hidden for decades by powerful state actors until "Money Versed" bravely exposed it online in order to hawk terrible products and services.

THE TARGET: People who've never heard of Massachusetts, people who haven't seen Skyfall, cult members seeking a better venue for satanic rituals after being kicked out of the Y, mad scientists with poor geography skills, Brian Laundrie.

THE STUPID: That's Hashima Island, a former mining facility and current UNESCO World Heritage Site located a couple miles off the southwestern coast of Not Massachusetts, a.k.a. "Japan." It's been featured in several movies and TV shows. Strangely, despite no one being allowed on the island, it's a well-known tourist attraction with thousands of visitors each year.