Wait, Let Me Guess

City in Flames

THE IMAGE: An unidentified city one can only hope is Jacksonville, Florida completely engulfed in searing flames. Interestingly, despite being immolated by a massive firestorm, the city still has electricity. So we know it's not New Orleans.

THE BAIT: Potentially useful information regarding the impending incineration of all life on Earth.

THE TARGET: People behind on their taxes, COVID deniers looking for a way to avoid oppressive mask mandates, Armageddon-craving Christians considerably more eager to see Jesus than He is to see them, Pat Robertson.

THE STUPID: It's only fitting that this combustible content comes from The New York Post, which ardently supported the combustible presidency of Donald Trump. Here we have what might be the most shameless clickbait of all time. An apocalyptic mass extinction will begin ... when? In two billion years, when the Sun's rate of nuclear fusion increases to the point that its intense heat boils away the Earth's oceans and sterilizes the planet? In two thousand years, when a recently discovered asteroid slams into the Earth and sets off a global conflagration? In two minutes, when Russian computer hackers trying to steal customer account information from Costco accidentally initiate a full-scale nuclear war? The Post won't tell you until you click on its link and read past its Labor Day mattress sale ads. As if you'll be able to sleep now.


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