That Doesn't Look So Bad

Uniformed Women at Restaurant

THE IMAGE: Three young, non-malnourished women in smartly fetching uniforms getting ready for what looks like a fun evening at a bustling outdoor restaurant in an unknown Asian country that is definitely not North Korea.

THE BAIT: Secret photographic evidence proving that the world's most isolated, impoverished, and authoritarian police state has a surprisingly vibrant social scene.

THE TARGET: Sexually rejected American men who get turned on by the idea that lots of attractive, compliant women are available to ruling elites in oppressive foreign regimes, people who think North Korea has gotten a bad rap from unbarbaric nations, grown up frat boys who like beer and coerced female attention, Brett Kavanaugh.

THE STUPID: I'm not sure where this photo was taken, but my best guess is that it's Burma, because that writing on the pavilion directly behind the three women in the foreground appears to be Burmese (and certainly isn't Korean). As for the women themselves, though it's possible that they're unusually fashionable waitresses, they look more like tired flight attendants who know how to make the most of a layover. Given the casual, innocuous setting, it's a bit unclear why the photo would have to be "snuck out" of anywhere. But if anyone really believes that life in North Korea is remotely like this, I've got an abandoned pyramidal hotel in Pyongyang I'd like to sell them.