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Ancient Ruins

THE IMAGE: An archeological site that conceivably could be ruins from the Byzantine Empire -- but, honestly, would you have any clue if they actually were from the Roman empire, or ancient Greece, or some new antiquity-themed Disney attraction in Orlando, Florida?

THE BAIT: An answer to the burning questions about the fall of the Byzantine Empire that consume you day and night.

THE TARGET: People older than 45 who watch the 30 minutes of weekly programming on The History Channel that are still devoted to history, genealogy freaks who think they're related to legendary Byzantine emperors but actually are the descendants of drunken Cypriot sardine fishermen, Ottoman Turks surfing CNN during the siege of Constantinople.

THE STUPID: This is clickbait? Seriously? How many people who saw this know or care what the Byzantine Empire was? I bet I could strike up a conversation with ten random strangers at the airport, then cut it short by saying, "Sorry -- I have to catch my flight to the Byzantine Empire," and nine of them would reply, "Have a good trip!" But my favorite part of this is that the sponsor is "Maternity Week," LOL. That's right, an online publisher whose Twitter page describes it as "the go-to site for everything to do with births, families and parenting" is also your number one source for information about the Byzantine Empire. Because public surveys consistently show that one of the top concerns of today's expectant mothers is the geo-political makeup of Asia Minor in the Middle Ages.


  1. Was... was... was what?
    Oops, sorry - I still watch the History channel for history. 🙃


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