A Blue One Means You're Gay

Plastic Cup Under Toilet Seat

THE IMAGE: A red plastic Solo cup carefully placed upside-down between the bowl and seat of a residential toilet by the man of the house for some unexplained reason shortly before his wife angrily emerges from the bathroom and declares that she wants a divorce.

THE BAIT: A clever solution to a pressing household problem you didn't even know you had because you've been spending too much time thinking about your child's upcoming heart surgery.

THE TARGET: Fraternity brothers who overbought for beer pong, people who like a challenge when peeing in the middle of the night, thirsty dogs frightened by bright colors.

THE STUPID: This prompts so many questions. Why a red cup? Why only at night? Why would someone so obsessive about their toilet fail to hang their toilet paper in the proper overhand fashion? Someday, a few decades from now, when Chinese history teachers are trying to highlight the moment when the United States lost its last, quivering grip on reality, they might present this craptacular "content" to their incredulous students in America Province.