That's a Good Boy!

Scattered Pieces of Glass

THE IMAGE: Something that looks a lot like broken bottles of Heineken swept into the dirt outside a Tucson Walmart.

THE BAIT: Irrefutable proof that drunk aliens have visited the Moon.

THE TARGET: People who think the Moon is the same color as a basketball, gullible idiots wondering why the mainstream media is covering this up, Mike Lindell.

THE STUPID: If you take a moment to glance at the Moon, you'll notice that it is not orange. The only rover currently operating there is China's Yutu-2 (there's video from Yutu-2 on YouTube, too), which has yet to uncover anything "inexplicable" other than the fact that America is apparently ceding the Moon to China. Also, I'm not sure if "Pets Fanatic" is the most reliable source of space news, unless "Rover" is actually an intrepid lunar bloodhound, in which case, he clearly deserves a treat.