Might Be Overselling It a Bit

Representation of Bermuda Triangle

THE IMAGE: Let's see, a lot going on here ... we've got a chain of jagged, towering islands that look like something from Myst; the suggestion of a hidden city tucked behind a mountain; a giant, electrified triangle standing vertically on one of its pointed ends; something that looks like a concentrically radiating force field; a commercial airliner about to collide with the aforementioned force field; and a merchant ship that appears to have run up against a gravitationally impossible water wall. Maybe bigfoot's in there somewhere, too -- I'm not sure.

THE BAIT: News of the shocking discovery of a secret, guarded, hyper-advanced civilization just off the coast of the United States, responsible for hundreds of air and sea disasters that have cost thousands of human lives, that's somehow deemed not interesting enough to report by any mainstream media outlet on Earth.

THE TARGET: People planning their next cruise, maritime insurance company executives, Aquaman.

THE STUPID: Has anyone told the sponsor that the "Bermuda Triangle" refers to a triangular area of the Atlantic Ocean, not a triangular weapon? Also, isn't "real truth" redundant? Isn't the truth just ... the truth? Is there such a thing as fake truth? (Please don't ask Donald Trump). Regardless, the real, totally true truth about the Bermuda Triangle is that it's simply a part of the ocean where it's difficult to navigate and there are lots of dangerous storms, which is why a large number of ships and planes have been tragically lost there. Now we can all get on with our boring, force fieldless lives.