Maybe Not So Much Weed?

Woman Slumped in Shower

THE IMAGE: A dead-eyed, defeated young woman hiding from her creditors in her dingy walk-in shower. (Not pictured: repossessed Honda Accord).

THE BAIT: Clever budgeting tips that will make your rampant fiscal irresponsibility slightly less ruinous. (Tip No. 1: If you shower fully dressed, you can save money on laundry detergent).

THE TARGET: Millennials who ... well, actually, every millennial in the United States.

THE STUPID: The sponsor chose a pretty dark photo to try to entice people to seek its upbeat financial advice. Is it only me, or does this bleak chick look like she could have a loaded gun in her hand, just below the camera frame? Did she have to sell her shower curtain for quinoa? At least she can still squeeze a few drops of drinking water out of that damp washcloth.