It's Funny Because She's Stacked

Hot Woman Holding Big Fish

THE IMAGE: A big-breasted woman holding a big-sized fish, diligently maintaining the American Sportfishing Association's recommended boob-to-gill size ratio. Although she looks vaguely like Sarah Palin, she's actually a real estate agent / glam social media fishing queen from Fernandina, Florida.

THE BAIT: More photos of similarly endowed women that provide additional angler-themed leering opportunities.

THE TARGET: White beer-drinking men over age 30 who've visited a Bass Pro Shop in the last 12 months, the TV audience for "Last Man Standing."

THE STUPID: There's nothing "hilarious" about the teaser photo, except perhaps that the fish looks a bit embarrassed to be part of the humiliating scene. Nor does the photo appear to be "perfectly timed" in any discernible way. Pity the impressionable redneck who thinks he might see that fish swallow the woman whole in the next gallery picture -- or, better yet, somehow take off her top -- only to be bombarded with ads for testosterone pills and sketchy timeshares.