I Can't Believe That People Actually Do Things Like This

People Walking Dogs on Beach

THE IMAGE: Astonishing secret aerial drone photo of two people walking their dogs on the beach.

THE BAIT: Pictures of topless women sunbathing and hot couples having sex outdoors.

THE TARGET: Men who are convinced that all kinds of brazen public nudity and sexual intercourse are constantly occurring just out of their sight, men who own a pair of night vision goggles, men currently subject to one or more restraining orders.

THE STUPID: So, no one was supposed to see two tiny, indistinct, silhouetted adult figures and their dogs walking along the ocean on a bright sunny day? I guess technically it's true, if the people (and the dogs) didn't know that someone was photographing them; but that's a bit disingenuous, isn't it? By the same logic, I could say that no one was supposed to see me putting out the trash last week, but other than the conspicuous number of empty liquor bottles in my recycling bin, any photo documentation of that event wouldn't be particularly scandalous. Also -- "drones captures"? Hmmm ... seems like "BetterBe" better be double-checking their grammar. Maybe no one was supposed to see that, either.