Grandma Mulls Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord

Elderly Woman Making Call During Hurricane

THE IMAGE: An elderly Florida woman calling for some nice young man to replace her solar panels during a Category 5 hurricane.

THE BAIT: A cheap home energy solution to help you live out your golden years without relying on disappointing grandchildren or the Earth's undependable sun.

THE TARGET: Vulnerable seniors on a fixed income whose top concern is the cost of solar energy.

THE STUPID: You have to wonder if the good folks at Generark accidentally inserted the wrong image into this content. I mean, where are the solar panels? Did they blow away in the storm? Could a wind turbine be the answer -- is that what they're getting at? And why the pitch to seniors? Isn't that the least likely demographic to utilize unconventional power sources or give a flying fuck about their carbon footprint? They're the generation that got us into this climate mess in the first place.